Spruce Goose color

Hi, can anyone tell me what the original color of the Spruce Goose
was, back in '47? It's white nowadays, but that's not the original. My
instruction sheet says "silver" and that's it, but is that accurate?
And if so, I have a bottle of MM silver and MM chrome silver, which
would be preferable?
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Wow...when did they paint it white? When I saw it in Long Beach it was silver - like a silver dope color. Not saying that was original, though...
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Well, I am not real sure of the "original" color,since I never saw it during that time, but from looking at the beast in the museum several times over the last few years, I am going to suggest that it is still exactly the same paint as was on it originally. And that is a rather dull painted aluminum color. I really doubt if the thing has ever been extensively repainted.
During all the moving and such from Long Beach, and storage until the museum was completed, it was covered with white stretch plastic for protection. But the original surfaces are still there. If you look inside the monster you can see lots of the same paint and color. Until you stand under (or in) this thing, you just don't comprehend the magnitude of a complete repaint. I am sure that the only way it will ever get a complete repaint is long after most of us are gone and the paint quality degrades to the point where it will be required. At that point I am pretty sure they will do a good job of "restoring" it in both quality and color.
The bird is in outstanding condition and is getting all the attention it needs and deserves from the museum staff.
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Norm Filer
That makes perfect sense, but I guess one would really need to check the photos of the thing from "back then". When I saw it, about 20 years ago; it was *very* monotone, and it *did* look "white" (or very light gray). This may have been due to the less-than-ideal indoor lighting...but it definitely did not look "silver".
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Greg Heilers

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