Hurco KMB1 color & chip control

Anyone know what the paint color or paint code is for a mid eighties
KMB1 Hurco mill? Seems to be a light or pale blue, but since the
paint is mostly in decent shape I'd like to just redo the side facing
the spindle...if I can find a reasonable match. One source says that
one of Sherwin William's industrial epoxy shades is pretty close, but
he couldn't recall the name or type. I called Hurco and they have no
record of the paint code used.
The second issue is chip control. This machine spews chips and
coolant all over my garage floor making it into a dangerous skating
rink. Has anyone made workable shields for one of these older open
plan machines? I'm thinking of a drop on shield, maybe 15" high,
that form fits around the back and both sides of the table, with
removable lexan doors on the front. This would limit the work
envelope to the size of the table, but for most of my stuff I don't
think this will be a major issue.
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----------- One of several problems that Hurco had in this time period was matching colors on the same machine. These were generally some shade of blue, but tended to vary light to dark, etc.
This did not effect the machine operation, but was very off putting to someone who just paid big bucks for a new machine.
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F. George McDuffee
I've got two similar machines. First I've tried to hardly ever use flood cooling. i built a heavy spray mister or use Sandvick R390 inserts (no coolant) for most jobs.
For those things that need flood, I just set L shaped sheet metal on top the table and clamp on temporary to stop the splash, gets 95%. Then pour 1/2 a bag of floor dry on the floor so I'm walking on that. Still a friggen mess.
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Karl Townsend
Yeah I hate oil dry, seems to get tracked everywhere, and gets in places it shouldn't, but I'm reluctant to use spray mist as it seems to get in the air and drop out on things. My garage upstairs is sort of a furnished library with the same HVAC as the garage, so I think I'll try to make some sort of removable shielding system so I can use the existing flood coolant, and keep the chips from flying in a 15' radius from the machine.
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Steve Bedair has some pictures on his website for a shield he made to fit the little 9x20's. See:
formatting link
Pretty simple, maybe give you some ideas to help solve your problem...
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Leon Fisk

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