Egyptian AirforceTu 16 (again, sorry)


I'm gonna be starting on a Tu-16 Badger soon, and decided I was going to do the Egyptian version. Probably not the smartest choice. I have found a grand total of one picture online, and one drawing. What puzzles me now is the colors.

I have Trumpeter giving me Gunze colors, but the darkest color in the camo scheme according to them should be "middle stone". Judging from the photo and drawing, this isn't so. Middle Stone is yellowish, the color seems to be more greenish.

I have a Condor decals color sheet, that claims it to be humbrol 163.

I have a Eagle Strike decal sheet which claims it to be FS 34102, which would be Humbrol 117 or MM 1713.

As for the underside, it is either Light Gull Grey (Tumpeter), a micture of Humbrol 89 (blueish) and 147 (greyish) (Condor), or blue (Eagle Strike, FS 35450).

Also, the Condor paint scheme says the tip of the tail should be painted another color, but it doesn't say which one. My drawing also shows this, and there it's a greenish color.

Does anyone have any accurate info on the colors, or maybe even a decent photograph or two?

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The best info I have comes from an Air International which had pics of damaged Egyptian aircraft. I specifically remember a Tu-16 but I'd have to check the archives for the issue number and date.

Bill Banaszak, MFE

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