A sorry sight!

Once again on a trip into a container yard off Hyde Rd Manchester where
two decent looking lathes.
A Colchester Master, top speed of 2500 rpm with three jaw and faceplate
and a Harrison 17 inch swng long bed .
Also various other bits like large, and I mean large rotory tables.
All sat outside awaiting probable shipment to shores oveseas.
Just made me want to take them home but alas, space and money would never
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Adrian Hodgson
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On or around Wed, 24 Jan 2007 07:35:44 +0000, Adrian Hodgson enlightened us thusly:
that's a late one.
Mind you, bigger lathes are not pricey, especially the older ones; mainly I suspect due to the effort and price of moving 'em.
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Austin Shackles

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