1/16" bms rod

Does anyone know of a source of 1/16" bms rod? I need some but can't find a supplier. The material needs to be straight, not coiled, and in (preferably) 3ft lengths. All I can find is silver steel or piano wire, neither of which bend terribly well.

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Buy a coil and straighten it - put it under tension and heat it by passing a heavy current though it - keep the tension on as it cools.


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Andrew Mawson

Find someone who welds and get a length of 1.6mm tIG or Gas wire from them, usually 1.0m long and any copper coating can soon be rubbed off.


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"steamer" wrote

A J Reeves (or Reeves 2000 as they now are) list it - p/n 85/004 but in 2ft lengths. May be worth giving them a call.

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That'll probably work for piano wire as well.

Mark Rand RTFM

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Mark Rand

I looked on Parkside steel website, but they seem to start at 1/8th. ? What about metal supermarkets, metals4U, or look in B&Q, they stock various bits of bar.

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