3/16" rod aluminum

I have a piece of 3/16" rod aluminum,what is the closest size threading die I can use. Is 10-32 allright?

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10-32UNF is fine on 3/16" dia. rod.

The theoretical O.D. is .190". Actual male thread O.D. is always a few thou smaller than the nominal diameter.


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10-24 might work better in aluminum. Use cutting fluid -- kerosine or WD-40 works.
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Don Foreman

That looks very close, but slightly too small.

3/16" is 0.1875

and asking for dimensions for a 10-32 screw I get:

====================================================================== izalco:dnichols 20:17:36 > number-screw 10 32 For a #10-32.000 screw: Clearance diameter: 0.190

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DoN. Nichols

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Ned Simmons

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