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I have no doubt that I am either being impenetrably stupid, or just confused , but is there any off the shelf, IE MSC, brass rods smaller than .250 inch that can be directly threaded to a standard size? This is for reinforcing some cheap wooden chairs that are pulling apart, and they have been glued, screwed and futzed with enough. I want to cut some brass rod, thread the ends with a die, (I have no lathe), and put acorn nuts on the ends to hold things together. The nuts come in

10-24, 8-32, 6-32, the rods 7/32, 3/16, 5/32, 1/8. I know .250X20 will work, but that is a big hole to put in the chair legs, and may do more harm than good. A cursory browse through some charts seem to indicate that quarter twenty is the only size that lines up. Is this really the case? Thanks, Jon
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Jon Bergstrom
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you could run a number 10 thread on a 3/16 rod, as the od of a number10 screw is .190 which is very close to .1875 or 3/16 I wouldnt go smaller than that


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You *could* simply purchase (brass) threaded rod to do this.


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jim rozen

Jon Bergstrom wrote: (clip) I want to cut some brass rod, thread the ends with a die, (clip) ^^^^^^^^^^ Does it have to be brass? Steel comes in any size you might like. You can also buy allthread in steel in all the standard thread sizes. I'm not sure how easy it is to find brass allthread.

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Leo Lichtman

Jon, Try Sears or any of the model airplane hobby shops. You should be able to find threaded rod (steel and brass) in thread sizes smaller than 1/4-20.

- Carl

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Carl Hoffmeyer


I can find threaded brass rod at my local ACE hardware store, 10-24, 10-32,

8-32, and 6-32. If you don't like the appearance, then you might opt to cover it - or better steel - with brass tube, usually available in my local hardware store in the K&S display, if not there, the hobby shops, for an even steeper price.
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John Hofstad-Parkhill

Hey Jon,

For all intents and purposes, 3/16 NC is interchangeable in either the tapped hole or the trheaded rod with 10-24. Equal.

A measured 8-32 screw has a diameter of .160, which is just .004" greater than 5/32", so quite possible to run a die on the 5/32 and have an acceptable thread for the purpose you want.

6-32 measures .135, which would work I suppose with the 1/8" rod, but getting pretty sloppy for fit. Especially with brass rod which I think would seem somewhat weak and which I think would require a longer "nut" to compensate.

If visible repair is acceptable, I assume you know that there are threaded rods with turnbuckles available specifically for your purpose. Or heavy twisted wires can look good if the chair is the right vintage.

Take care.

Brian Laws>you could run a number 10 thread on a 3/16 rod, as the od of a number10

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Brian Lawson

Thanks for all the help! All-thread was vetoed, as well as drill rod, as was the turnbuckle thing. I was told that "This Is The Living Room, not your shop". Plain brass rod it is, the boss is always right. After all, she did get me a new micrometer for Christmas... Jon

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Jon Bergstrom

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