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Just hit my email inbasket.
For those of use with a lathe with a faceplate but without a
collet closer, a collet vise can be bolted to the face plate for
short parts. A square/hex tumble block fixture is also nice for
those of us without an indexer or rotary table.
Enco has these on sale w/ 17 collets from 1/16 to 1-1/16 for
click on
formatting link

With a right angle plate this is very flexable for compound angle
milling [although fussy to set up] but it is also economical for
most any size mill.
for example
formatting link

formatting link
to drill/tap holes to mount stuff or use a slotted
You can go to 1-1/8 Ø with a short/shallow collet, and collets
are availabe with square and hex openings in addition to rounds.
formatting link
formatting link

Enco has good deal shipping this month:
Get Free UPS Shipping* on your entire Enco order of $50 or more.
Just enter WB8SR in the promo code box on the shopping cart page
at or mention the code to your friendly sales associate
when you order by phone at 800-USE-ENCO.
Better investment than Lehman stock....
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