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Hi, I'm selling an "almost new condition" Diacro No.2 Hand/Lever Operated Punch (w/stand and some tooling) on eBay. The auction was set to close tomorrow and there were a lot of people watching the auction, but eBay pulled the listing early because it violated an obscure rule that they have prohibiting a seller from using brand names other than the listed item in the keywords. I had the punch listed as "Di-Acro No.2 Punch not Pexto", but their rule prohibits me from saying "not Pexto" so they axed it without warning. I'm not sure why they singled me out-- it seems like many auctions are listed this way. Maybe somebody from Pexto Inc. saw the ad and protested. I can see where this "Tissue but not Kleenex" sort of thing can be construed as sleazy so I'm not protesting eBay's action...

Anyway, I've re-listed the punch and it can now be found as auction #170028054027 It closes this coming Saturday.

The opening bid is 99 cents and there is NO RESERVE, so somebody could get a beautiful like-new Diacro Punch for a song.

(I finally got the Whitney 24" kick punch and I don't have enough room to keep both of them.)



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Max Krippler
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Probably pulled it because a lot of Ebay'ers like me are tired of doing a search for say Southbend and getting a lot of replies for other brands that the listing says Hungflungdung, not Southbend

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Clif Holland

VERY nicely written description, a real attention getter.

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