Looking for Linear Motion Components Resale/Auction Web Sites

If you operate (or know of) a site dedicated to resale of machine components, please contact me at funkychateau at yahoo dot com. Don't use the "reply" option in this posting, it's a spam-blocker.

I'm looking for some recommended alternatives to "Ebay", ie I'm seeking a site (auction or otherwise) more or less dedicated to buying and selling motion components and assemblies. I seem to have more of the following components in my own excess inventory than are offered in Ebay's "linear motion" category, and I'd totally flood the Ebay market if I tossed half of this stuff on auction at the same time:

  1. Thomson linear ball-bearing pillow blocks, sizes 12 closed, 16 open, 16 closed
  2. Thomson steel rods, sizes 12 and 16, post- and bottom-mounting
  3. Various mounts and supports for the above rods

  1. THK series 35 linear rails and ball-bearing slides

  2. Bosch/Star series 25 linear rails and ball-bearing slides

  1. Complete Reid-Ashman linear-motion assemblies, length 4' to 6', built of Thomson components on box-section steel bases, with thick 6061 carriage plates. Weight about 250 lbs.

  2. Reid-Ashman linear-motion assemblies similar to above, but with pre-installed lead screws and other motion hardware. Have both manual (right-angle "boston gear") and power/manual ("boston gear" plus reversible clutched overrunning gear motor) with all control electronics. 115 VAC. Weight about 300 lbs.

  1. Reid-Ashman two- and three-axis positioning tables. These are also built of mostly Thomson components. Upper plates (mounting surfaces) are probably about 18 to 24 inches on a side, one inch thick. Have locking levers in each dimension. Steel bases have both rollers for limited relocation, and threaded/adjustable/swivel support/leveling feet. Weight probably in excess of 500 lbs (two men can lift one side a few inches off the floor). These also have openings for forklift tines (probably the best way to actually move one).

  2. Not linear motion, but I also have a couple of heavy Reid-Ashman reversible power-servo rotary-wheel gizmos that were removed from a couple of the linear tables. These have roller-bearing heads originally intended to support/rotate a heavy load cantilevered out a couple of feet. WIth handheld corded controls and all electronics. Scale on rotating head labeled to 1/4 degree. Adjustable limit switches. 115 VAC.

Thanks for any leads anyone may have!


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I do not think that you would really "flood ebay" with those few different things, and you can sell them one of each kind, at a time. There is no bigger market for small sellers than ebay. I tried selling stuff elsewhere, it was mostly a waste of time. Your experience may be different, but I would be surprised.

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Could try

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they may have a suggestion.

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I'm on the Dovebid email list as a purchaser, but I haven't generally seen them as a viable option for an individual seller. What I'm looking for is something along the lines of equipmatching.com or fabsurplus.com, but geared more toward mechanical parts.


No wrote:

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try craigslist.com... good stuff in many cities

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Steve Koschmann

I am interested, let me know when you decide to list them. Dave

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Dave W

Many Fadal machining centers use a 35mm linear system--if you would provide more detailed info I could verify compatibility, then you could list those here on amc as well as on ebay...likely would generate some additional interest.

Or you could google Star Rexroth # 1659xxxx and / or the Thomson Accuglide series A35 and verify yourself.

That said, ( IMO) Ebay is likely far and above better than any other outlet thats available for selling this type of thing....suggest set a nice "buy it now price" and then just keep on a relisting....takes time....but also takes considerable time to do all the listings, track your buyers, collect the money, box and label for shipping, etc....so best to not list too many things there all at once anyways....

Good luck.

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I'd agree 100% if I were selling commodities like computer soundcards (I've done that on Ebay also) with very large pools of suppliers and buyers.

But I have previously found that, when selling several like or similar items into a limited user market, that the price fetched goes down dramatically when the buying community sees more items in the pipeline. If they don't win the auction at a low price, they just bid on the next one coming up. Typically the 3rd or 4th item goes for about half that of the first. Been there done that too.

It would be better (for me as a seller) if the items could remain listed for longer periods of time, but that's not Ebay's business model, so I was looking for a different type of site (if it exists).

Anyway, thanks for the comments.

best regards,

Mart> I do not think that you would really "flood ebay" with those few

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Please contact me by email (funkychateau at yahoo dot com) with your specific areas of interest. Unfortunately, if you are in Maine and are interested in the larger items, transport would be a problem. Several of the items (particularly the XY tables) are more than a 4-man lift.

best regards,


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