Vashon & Estes Freon Rocket Motors on Ebay

Hi Folks:

This post is to announce that on eBay I'm selling some 1970s vintage Vashon and Estes freon-powered rocket motors plus some other collectible "stuff" of the same vintage. Here's the link to the auction.

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David Sleeter
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just thought I'd let you know that the two unpainted body tubes in photo #1 are for the Bandit kit whose instructions you have there in photo #2. You can see the two parts in the instructions between the main body tube and the nose cone.

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Roy Green

Hey, I'm glad ebay financing is avalible ;-)

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Yea, it seems EBAY as usually, does not know that the auction was ok.

It was canceled it seemed for violating an ebay rule.

I am so sick of the ebay rules.

they let people sell illegal merchandise all day that is illegal to use in the US and Canada, and you can tell them that and they don't care.

you put the word motor in a rocket auction and they cancel it.

I'm getting more pissed each day at them....

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I gave 2 dozens cans of propellant to my auto mechanic last year.


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Is that why I haven't seen any motor hardware on ebay lately?=20


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My '71 Cutlass sure could have used those.

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