Interesting "US Rocket" kit on Ebay

Anyone know anything about this kit or company, looks like it would be of interest to collectors, motors look like estes motors from the early

60's but are in a pack labeled "US Rocket motors" along with an electric launchpad and a rocket with parachute, I tried to post a link but could not, the item number is Item number: 6033366991 Thanks, Le
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28 APR 1971 is what the date on the motor in photo 6 looks like. manufactured by HIM YEUN YICK KEY

Sounds North American to me.

Will they be shipped as Model Aircraft Parts?

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The seller is in Jersey. What exit?

-Fred Shecter NAR 20117

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Hmmm, I'll have to check and see if that's a match for one in my collection.

It's remarkable how the name and even interstate logo are an almost perfect match for Jerry's "company". I forwarded a link to the auction to Jerry, who was unaware of it, but has bid on it. Maybe they WILL ship it to him that way. Unless ebay realizes it contains prohibited items and pulls the aucion.

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Bob Kaplow

This "US rockets" predates jerry's "us rockets". I guess jerry didn't think the real owners of the name would mind, or find out.

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Dave Grayvis


Ebay pulled the auction.


Dave Grayvis wrote:

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More civil litigation for Jerry?? Could it be possible he will owe more judgment assessments that will not get paid?? );-)

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W. E. Fred Wallace

Someone should contact the TRUE owner of the US Rockets logo, and report what Jerry is doing with it! But wait, if Jerry is having fun, accourding to Ted, its likely ok!

Nah, report him ... the Chinese don't play ... they get even!

Just think, should this Chinese company ever try to bring their products to market with the name U.S. Rockets, 1960/1970s copyright, they will have a terrible time doing so with all the FRAUD and CONVICTED felon activities that Jerry has done with their logo/trade mark.

Yes, they should sue jerry for financial damage!

And NO, Jerry you didn't have the company name/logo back in the mid

1960s ... this is when they first brought their Ch> Anyone know anything about this kit or company, looks like it would be
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