Williams brothers kit question

Looking for some info on a williams brothers plastic, vintage 9
cylinder radial engine model kit. All I have to go on right now is a
very fuzzy image(photo of the box). It looks like it says # 302 on a
small yellow oval shape. It pictures 3 photos of the engine on the
left side of the box, and the engine on a biplane on the right.What I
want to know is the scale-I know this isn't much to go on with the
volume of kits they made.
I googled around trying to get some reference pages to match up the
box, but didnt come up with anything except the new models-30260-In
1/6 scale..... Is the 302 a reference to a model number,scale or just
I tried blowing up the thumbnail image-It doesnt help much....
Does anyone have a link to some vintage kits info etc?.
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I have one of a Wright Whirlwind in 1/32 scale. They're not bad and with some TLC (AMS) they can be stunners on the models that use them (I used mine to make the masters for seven-cylinder radials for M3 light tanks).
Cookie Sewell
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Williams made kits of the Wright Whirlwind, Pratt & Whitney Wasp Jr., and LeRhone rotary. I know the later two were 9 cyl. I think the Wright was too. I'll look it up. The LeRhone, a WW1 engine, is quite different than the other two, so should be immediately identifiable, but a really bad pic could make it hard to tell between the Wright and P&W.
The LeRhone has been re-issued. I have built both the LeRhone and the Wasp Jr. I hope they re-issue the Wright- I'd definitely buy it. These kits were among WB's best kits!
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Don Stauffer

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