Looking for websight of electric model kit company.

I am looking for a model company website or information on the company. I haven't seen it for a couple of years and I can't find the link in my bookmarks. They made electric kits that looked fast but were listed as possibly park flyers or advanced park flyers. I remember them look a bit hot for park flying but they were hand launch. The kits were ARF at the time and looked like possibly fiberglass, or sheeted foam. They had the shape of F-16 bodies with aileron controls. One of the distinctive items I seem to remember about the kits is their decals or it even may have been printed on the kit bodies were the American flag or even an eagle across the whole top of the plane. I am pretty sure about that but you know memory. The most distinctive aspect of the kits was the hand grips on the underside of the bodies. The company hand molded in slots or finger grips for hand launch. They were electric kits so if anyone knows please post a URL or company name I would greatly appreciate it.


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