Help needed finding an ARF (manufacturer/importer)

I ran across an ad for a 40 size "Bonanza" V tail arf a couple of weeks before Christmas. The same site also had a 40 size "Lysander" arf. Both planes had a wingspan of around 70" and were rated for a 40 - 52 2 stroke. I have the distinct impression they were by the same company. I can not remember the site and the model company name was not mentioned/shown.

I have tried all the companies I can think of (Including VMar, AirSail and Flair ) plus Google searches with no luck.

Anyone have any idea of the ARF manufacturer/importer or (VERY long shot) the site ? I think it was an Australian or British site as I remember the amount was in pounds.


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Ted Campanelli
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The Clancy Aviation site lists a Flitecraft Bonanza ARF but no sizes but $139.00 price. I couldn't find reference to that plane on Flitecraft's site.

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Paul McIntosh

Another GREAT airplane you should consider in that range is the FlitonUSA Flubber or Jumping Jack. Those airplanes are top quality! Go to their site to find out more:

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Do you know, as a result of your spam, I would say that the last place anyone here would go for a plane, is your website....

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The Natural Philosopher

There is not one scale model on you site! Not only that but they are electic! How can this be helpfull? I don't know about Ted but I don't need no stinkin electric parkflyer! Since you want to SPAM your site at every opportunity I am sure your models are pure crap!

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