Dave Patrick Ultimate ARF vs. Goldberg Ultimate 1.20 ARF

In 2005, I bought a Dave Patrick Ultimate ARF. I installed a Saito 1.50 and
the model quickly became a favorite. I ended up crashing it and I put the
engine and servos aside, knowing I'd buy a replacement when I had the money.
I finally got around to replacing it -- or so I thought. I tried to order
another one last week... I guess Dave Patrick Models is no longer in
business! This really broke my heart.
The Goldberg connection: Dave Patrick was the designer of the popular
Goldberg .90-sized 54" Ultimate kit. They later offered it as an ARF. Now,
I notice their ARF has become 1.20-sized; same 60.5" wingspan as the Dave
Patrick version.
Could it be?!?!
Good flying,
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Robert Scott
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I ordered it last week and it will be here in a couple of days. Since I ordered it, Tower has discontinued it! I hope it wasn't because it was a poor flyer.
What luck.... desmobob
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Robert Scott
That's what I'm worried about. You know, the last one on the bottom of the pallet with the caved-in box and parts sticking out.... =:-0
Good flying, desmobob
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Robert Scott
I'm happy to report that it arrived today in very good condition. UPS had roughed it up a bit but despite the box damage, the model only had one spot of very minor damage to one of the wing tips; no repair necessary.
Now I just have to decide where to put the model in the "to be built/assembled" line up.... It's the beginning of the long, upstate NY building season, so one way or another, it should be flying this spring.
Good flying, desmobob
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Robert Scott
"A build" with an ARF? I am in the middle of three of those. A Challenger, a Pitts Python, and a Sandy. The Challenger has a balky engine (3w 75) that starts and quits after about 10 seconds. The Sandy needs different aileron servo mounts than the cables supplied because they bend way too much. The Pitts Python is slowly getting 'anglicized' because I refuse to go to the flying field with irreplaceable (small metric) nuts, bolts, and blind nuts. That one promises to be a real trip..the upper wing aileron servo wires have to attach to extensions that are installed in the struts and attached to ones in the lower wing. Fun for all!
Now the real "build" is the Gere Sport that needs ailerons added to the top wing (the last one flew much better when I did that) and struts for the end of the wings for stability and strength. Followed by a Sig 1/4 scale cub with both wings. After that I don't know.
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Hmmm.... let's see.... I have a: China Model Products 1.40-size P-40 ARF and a set of Century Jet retracts for it, Adrian Page .60-size GeeBee kit, SIG Ultimate Fun Fly kit, Bud Nosen Citabria kit (the big one), Wing Mfg. A-26 Invader kit, Hobbico .60-size Extra 300S ARF, Herr Aquastar kit, Tower Fun 51 kits (2), Tower Extra Special kit, and enough Corroplast and downspout to build about three dozen SPADS. :-)
I need to get the CMP P-40 out of the dining room and into the basement, so I'll probably work on it next. I'll probably assemble the big Ultimate next. After that, I'd really like to start on the A-26 twin.
I'm currently in the final stages of a really neat E*star Hobbies Wilga kit (electric). A guy flew a rare PZL Wilga into our tiny local airport a few years ago and I was amazed by the thing. I HAD to find a kit of one. I ended up stumbling onto the E*star kit. Pricey, but a real masterpiece of CAD and laser cutting!
Good flying, desmobob
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Robert Scott
I'm currently building a 1/10th scale Laird Solution foamie of my own design (with interest already expressed by a model magazine, if luck holds you may get to see it there).
The @#$% Nobler still hasn't flown; I have to decide if I want to try to fly it in freezing weather or wait until spring. I got the engine sorted out on a stand, I should make sure it runs in the plane.
I'm thinking that the next project will be a C/L semi-stunt, semi-scale Beech Bonanza for an OS Max 25 (the old loop scavenged one). It'll also be an original design.
I think the next RC ship will be a sport scale, either an Aeronca LC (there's one in Hood River, just an hour's drive away) or a Ryan SC. Probably sized for 15-25 gas or 200-300W electric.
Since my teens I've lost the recipe for getting 049s to run sweetly -- if I can get that back there'll be something small on the list, too.
After that I don't know what, but after the Nobler I'm off of kits for a while.
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Tim Wescott

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