Many thanks

Hi, just wanted to thank all those who replied to my request for a
manual for Bamford EV1 (my first engine)
Now the owner of a pile of bits in my garage!
Loads to do but was wondering if I could find out anything about my
engine from the engine number?
2 hp
700 rpm
I notice internal fire list one engine number as 14325 Date 1936.
Not sure if engine numbers were completly sequential? Does this mean
mine is pre this date?
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Bruce, Pretty good chance of that say 1934/5. Dont buy a second engine but if you do it must be kept locked in a shed away from the first, they are prone to breeding if left together and before you know it you have a large family of engines :-)) By the way will you be at Enstone looking for much needed bits, cast wheels for trollies etc.
Martin P
bruce wrote:
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