Not Really a Gloat

I haven't cared much for HF for a while, but I needed a basic bench top
drill press as a second machine for my tapping head. When I have time to
spend actually in the shop I felt like I was spending too much time swapping
back and forth with belts/speeds and knocking out tapers and putting them
back when doing certain jobs. Besides I really don't like swapping heads
all the time. I finally brought it down to the little 12 speed from HF as
the one I could afford to just set on the bench and dedicate. I really
didn't want to buy it. I feel they take the machines guys like Grizzly
reject sometimes. I searched high and low for somebody else selling the
model at a lower or even the same price, but never found one. The machine
is listed as marked down on their website, and I found a discount code for
20% a couple weeks ago. Into the cart, but I just couldn't bring myself to
pull the trigger. This morning I punched in my credit card and finally did
it. The total came up to low. Huh? I looked at the invoice and realized
they didn't charge me any freight. "Crap!" I thought. "I'm going to have
to deal with going into the local store everyday to see if they have it
yet." Then I looked again. I was sure I selected regular ground freight.
"No freight on orders over $99," and my discount code still worked. Woo!
Hoo! Its been a long time since the stars aligned for me like that. Now if
its one of the "good" cheap machines when it gets here. LOL.
No its not an iggy or gunner class tool gloat, but I am happy with the world
this morning.
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Bob La Londe
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More than one I've looked over a display at the HF store and decided the item was "eh" but would do for what I needed, only to get home, open the box or crate and find that the item inside was notably better than the display model.
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Pete C.
I've been using one for ten years and am happy with it. I think the motor rating is a bit optimistic. It's not the quality of a 60 year old Delta but neither is a new Delta. Karl
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Yeah, no shit. Delta has sure gone down hill. I got a 240 volt Delta radial arm saw a few years ago, and I don't like it much at all. I use my 120V Rigid table saw for almost everything instead. In fact, right now the RAS is being used as an auxiliary workbench, and its not even plugged in. Hasn't been turned on in over a year. When I first got it setup it sucked. The blade brake on the motor shaft screamed and never could be adjusted. I finally took it off and threw it away. I never could get the saw adjusted to zero (90 degrees) at the stop either. I just gave up and when I needed to use it I set the angle with a carpenters square and clamp it down.
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Bob La Londe

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