Miller HF-15-2WG HF head ?

Well I made some progress today the welder is wired up and runs but the TIG head is not looking so wonderful. Looks like it has some high voltage caps toasted. I need to find 2 .002uf 6KVDC and 1 .001uf 6KVDC caps for it. They leaked some dielectric out, which is strange as they are mica caps and I thought micas were dry? I haven't powered it up yet as my experience with caps that have let the juice out will soon let the smoke out :)

Anybody know where I can find caps like these? I will have to wait till monday again to talk to the local Miller dealers.

On annother note I got a foot control on the way from e-bay for $117.50 including shipping :) I was going to build one but at that price and not being able to find a 5 ohm 130 watt pot yet I could not pass :) Now I just need to wire in some plugs and a switch to select the foot control.

Kinda strange cause in my day job making arcs, sparks and smoke would be a really bad thing


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