Not a gloat, but...

The workshop in the Labs at work have arranged to swap their Herbert No 2
surface grinder for a much bigger and better one that became free elsewhere on
the site. Since I have used this grinder and have found it useful for model
engineering size jobs (shims, tool bits etc) I put a bid in to buy it. The
works manager was quite happy to sell it to me rather than let an auction
house sell it and told me that £75+VAT would make it mine.
Today I got the pro-forma invoice in the post and there is a slight problem.
The machine that I was buying was a Herbert No2 like this:-
4"x8" travel, manual, no coolant, tiny.
The machine mentioned on the invoice is a Jones and Shipman No1400 like this:-
8"x25" travel, automatic, coolant, not so small.
Before I tell them that I don't want it because it's too big and can I have
the little one, is there anyone who could use it at a price sufficient for me
to get a _little_ grinder!
Mark Rand
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Mark Rand
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