Roper Whitney Gloat?

I've tried to look up some comparative pricing on a Roper Whitney Model
U218 24" Connecticut Box and Pan Break. DAGS and cannot find any prices
listed anywhere. Anyone know what a used one of these should sell for
in really good condition? It has all the fingers (not sure if any of
them have ever been moved) and hardly has any paint missing on the edges.
I paid $50 for it. I feel like that was a pretty good price.
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I don't know what it's worth, but I'm sure it's worth more than $50. I paid $50 for the brake shown in the website below (on the construction page) and thought that was a good deal considering the brake costs about $300 or so new. That brake is cheesy compared to what you have.
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Gary Brady Austin, TX
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Gary Brady
I paid $603 for a Di-Acro 24" press brake with several dies and feel I stole it. If you're feeling uncomfortable about your *huge* investment, I'll give you $60 for it! :-)
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Harold and Susan Vordos

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