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Been away from this NG for a while. Took a break... from a lot of things. I see some familiar nicknames. I see some new ones. I enjoyed it for awhile.

I just wanted to say "Hi!" to those I know, and those I know only by what/how they write.

Still have all my model rocketry stuff, but with our 3rd baby in just twice as many years, most of the model rocketry gear has only been collecting a good thick layer of dust. Other than a yearly display for family and friends and with rockets that don't go too high, I have not had much to do with the hobby.

Part of me misses it... part of me says I can't afford it anyway... and the last part has been too busy to be able to swing it one way or the other.

So what do I do with about 50+ tubes of varying length (6 in. to 4 ft.) and diameter (11mm to ~50mm)? What do I do with the Dr. Rocket 38mm 3 casing set that I have never used (and likely will never use)? What do I do with the 3 launch pads I have (2 estes size, one 48" rod on a home-made pad)? What do I do with the 3 or 4 rechargeble motorcycle batteries I used for launches? What about the 3/4 bale of dog barf (Cocoon brand)? What about the balsa and basswood scraps? What about all the tubed ribbing and elastic cord? (etc... etc...)

My wife is getting itchy to reclaim the dusty space these all reside in... My shed is full of Scout gear and the "domestic life" implements... I am too lazy to take pictures, auction, and mail it.

If somebody wanted some, and wanted to pick them up, the tubes go free... The other stuff I'd let go for far less than what it is worth. If I could find the time, I'd take it to the local club, and auction the better stuff, and let the club keep the proceeds... maybe I will give them a call.

I am not done with the hobby, just scaling back from the desires I had to certify Level 3. Will I miss the fun? Yes. But time is far too expensive these days.... maybe in 5 years or so when my children are a bit older, and I don't have so much overtime on the job.


~ Duane.

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Duane Phillips
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Hi Duane. I am somewhat in the same boat, but with only two kids I have lots of free time. My answer has been to try to get to a couple of launches per year, and now that my daughter is big enough (3) I am going to try taking her to one for a few hours to see how it goes.

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Don't sell anything off, find a place to hide it. You will be glad later 5 years from now you still will have it. Buy a grid you screw on the garage cieling or even a clostest to hold the stuff at the top of a ceiling so you wife has more space.

Launch a rocket , any rocket each year, so you will be always rocketeer, not a bar, or a bar revisited ;)

Most important, enjoy life, your wife and kids....... and a rocket now and then !

Cranny "now to enjoy a full brandy sniffer" Dane

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Cranny Dane


Nice to know you're still alive. Hey man, keep it all. You'll need it for when the kids are a little older. It won't be long. ; )


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Tater Schuld

No, it's Sunday morning - must... control... urge...

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I'm sure. :)

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Dave Grayvis

geez one extra t gets everones *its in a *izzy


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Tater Schuld

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