auto scale block to fit drawing scale?

Hi all,
Does someone know how to insert a plain view block of a window (like the one
I downloaded from Anderson such that the scale size of the block
will auto adjust to match the scale of the drawing of a house without having
to guess and enter the X, Y, Z scale in the scale dialogue box.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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If you draw at 1:1 in model space there should not be a need to scale a block thats also drawn at 1:1 if is the size you already want.
Golden rule = draw the model in model space at 1:1
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Drag it from the DesignCenter into your drawing and it should do do what you want.
Kevin schrieb:
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Jürgen Palme
This can't be done 'cause there's no such thing as "the scale of a drawing" other than perhaps in the mind of the (inexperienced)operator. Even if there was, the drawings may be assuming different units. See Alan's post. If I was going to use a block from a manufacturer, I'd probably 'clean it up' and inspect it first, so that it wouldn't create more problems than it solved for me.
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Michael Bulatovich
We always use a dimscale to get our text, dim's and hatch patterns correct on size. The drawing is actually 1:1, dimscale f.e. 1:100 If you insert a block you can read out the dimscale and enter it at the insert prompt. (setq scl (getvar "dimscale")) -insert;;x;y;z;scl; That should do the trick.
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