centerlines in drawing

(2005) When creating a drawing from an assembly, all centerlines ar
visible. People here have been "hiding" each one. There has to be
better way!! Isn't there a way to turn them off or make them no
visible? I understand that in 2004 there was a setting to hide them
but not in 2005
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View menu selection should cover global hide-show for various entities as it does in 2004.
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Change your drawing template by opening a new drawing, go to Tools-options... select the Document properties tab and at the top of the list is 'detailing' inside that window there should be "auto insert on view creation" uncheck centerlines. then resave the template as a template and that should sove your problem. Same applies to auto added centermarks, balloons, and dimensions.
To remove the old centerlines on already created drawings use the selection filter and have it set for just centerlines then box select the whole drawing and hit delete
Hope that helps
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Ben Eadie

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