Used Lathe dealers in Phoenix AZ area

I am looking for a used 13" or 16" lathe in the Phoenix AZ area. But the difficult part is I have only a 4' wide place for it. SO the lathe needs to be

48" long at its' widest point.

I hope to get to Phoenix next Friday to locate one and maybe haul it home.

Any names of dealers or private owners would be appreciated.

Thanks Bob AZ

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Good luck Bob,

I looked for a used lathe for a couple of years off and on in Phoenix. Since we're not exactly a manufacturing town, there isn't too many lathes that made it this far west. I bought a Birmingham lathe (New) from a place in Reno, NV.

The South Bend's I did see were beat. Beds with visible dips where the cross slide rode over it too many times. 1/2 a turn to take up slack in the knobs, etc.

Just trying to save you some effort. Sorry, but my lathe isn't for sale either.


RWats> I am looking for a used 13" or 16" lathe in the Phoenix AZ area. But the

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Bart D. Hull

I stumbled across a dealer that sells quite a few machines and has a fair stock. It's Moore's Tools on Thomas near 31 ave. (3102 W Thos. Rd. 602-455-8904) It's just east of the Marshall Tool dealers.


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Bill P

If you want to take a trip out of town, try Al's Machinery in Tucson.

Al's Metal Working Machinery (520) 574-2776 5141 E Canada St Tucson, AZ 85706

See the above for a map.

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David L. Foreman

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