drawing view scale property

This was discussed back in 2003, and Mike Wilson provided a work around
(copied below, thanks, Mike) but has SW added access to the view scale
property since then? The work around gets the job done, but is a bit of
a pita, and with different people working on models, and drawings and
not knowing what's driving the views it gets a little awkward.
Appreciate any help if anything new is available.
thanks, Diego
If you 'really' want to you can...
*) Sketch a rectangle around a view
) Insert-> Drawing View-> Detail
*) Hide original view (don't hide dependant view)
) Align the detail view to other views if you want
That's it! Now when you change the scale of that view
(other than 1:1) you will see the note update. You can
erase the words: "Detail A" so you just have the scale.
Mike Wilson
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