Help with printing a frame

Hi ppl
I have mayor difficulties with drawing a standard frame. The frame on
A4 should look like this: 2,5cm from left side of paper, and 0,5 from
other three sides.
So, the way I do it is to draw a frame of a A4 paper: 210x297, and the
inside it I draw that desired frame, described above
When printing it, I choose in "what to plot: window", then I select
whole A4 frame (210x297) and then "center of the plot" and scale 1:1
The result is that my print looks like this: on the left frame is
offset 2,5cm, from top it is offset 0,55cm, from bottom it is offset
0,25cm and right frame line isn't printed at all
So please direct me what I'm doing wrong
Also, I would like to apply it to "extends", so I don't have to choose
print area every time with "window", but to choose extends and to
print it
And last thing, by mistake I have hidden bar above command line that
says "model, layout 1, layout 2" and I dont know how to bring it back.
So, please enlight me there too!
Thanks in advance!
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