Printing with VBA

I've been trying to automate printing with DWGeditor using VBA. I can
get the actual drawings to print out, but I've been unable to change
the paper layout or the view when printing. DWGeditor's help files
provide commands to change these settings (using the Plot Manager) but
the commands simply don't seem to work. I dont get any errors, but it
the drawing's layout doesn't change either. I've also tried looking
online for solutions with either DWGeditor or IntelliCAD, but I haven't
had any luck here either. Has anyone else run into
this problem, and better yet, does anyone have any idea how to fix it?
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Good Luck!! I don't know of any work arounds, but I can't update the layout or papersize when I'm manually using the DWGeditor. Our solution: Buy a seat of Autocad (GROAN) to use for dwgs. The DWGeditor just isn't up to par yet.
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Are you using 2005 or 2006 DWGEditor?
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Sorry it's taken so long to reply. I'm using DWGEditor 2006.
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