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I am trying to print a drawing that has an excel (2007) file pasted on to it. The excel file was created to allow manipulation of a Solidworks BOM. I need to have multiple QTY columns, one for each of the sub assemblies that are created as part of this drawing. This is a standard used in the aviation industry and adopted by my current client. Anyway, I initial create a SW BOM, then save it as an Excel File. Make the changes to the Excel file that are required, then copy and paste it back into the drawing. When I print using an Adobe PDF printer, the area where the Excel file should be is black. I have tried many different settings in Adobe to see if I can get different results, but none so far. The print preview image is fine and it prints ok on my ink jet printer. I can also save as PDF and the image is readable with the exception of some of the fonts properties which get change during the save-as. If I could keep the font properties from changing I would be satisfied using Save as.


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