Print Preview Renaming BOM Colum?

I use the BOM to display the qty of parts. The title of the qyt colum
shows up as: Default/QTY I would like it to just say QTY. When I edit
the cell, it changes, but as soon as I print preview it, it changes
back. I have tried editing the cell, and then saving it, but it still
changes when I print preview. Any ideas?
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I've had this sort of problem in the past...
after making all the edits you want, go into tools/option/Document Properties and uncheck automatic update of BOM
that fixed it for me
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I think there is a new setting for this "don't copy QTY column from template" option (or something like that) -- I have not tested it yet but what I have done in the past before that setting was to rename the "Default/QTY" to " QTY " ---- in otherwords don't just put QTY put a space before & after the letters QTY. This will make solidworks think you typed something other than quantity & it will not try to revert it back to the default. Then store that into your bom template file.
I would look into that option to see if it does what you want -- as my workaround might be hackish now that there is this option.
Hope that helps Steve T.
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Simple - remove the existing period after QTY and then save your template.
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Wayne Tiffany
I used the space QTY. space work around which works just fine. From the SW help files, here is the explanation of the Automatic Update of BOM:
Automatic update of BOM.
When selected, if a BOM exists in a drawing, it automatically updates when relevant changes are made to the model. If you edit linked custom properties in a BOM and then rebuild the drawing, the properties are reset to the values in the Summary Information dialog box. Some manual edits are lost when the BOM is updated.
That doesnt sound like its what I was after. Fortunately the space thing works great.
Thanks for the info guys.
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