Equations in structural members / weldments

I'm using weldments (in SW 2004) for the first time, and I've seemingly found a limitation and was wondering if there's a workaround.

I'm creating weldment profiles to use as structural members, and the process I'm using is:- - new part - sketch the profile and constrain it - add some equations to better capture the design intent - save the part in the profiles folder as a "library feature" (I think that's the term it uses) So far, it all works fine. - create new part that will have the weldment - sketch the "ladders" of the weldment - add structural members At this point, when I do a rebuild it says the equations are not valid, even though the dimensions exist. If I delete the equations that were brought in automatically with the profiles, and then recreate them, it gives the same errors.

Does this mean that equations are not permitted within structural members? Why does it let me save them in the library feature if they are of no use later?

Has this been fixed in SW2006, which we will be upgrading to shortly?

Regards, John Harland

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