Easy way to add ALL Toolbox Structural to Weldments


Is there a process of copying ALL the Toolbox Structural shapes to the Weldments/Structural Member dialog (ansi inch-iso/type/size) ?

It seems like these two database should be the same but yet the Weldments dialog has only a sample of sizes and shapes.

I like using what weldments has to offer, i.e. it is faster, than creating parts with toolbox. And from what I can see you cannot add welds, gussets, etc. to the parts when you make the assembly from those parts created by the toolbox? I may be incorrect...

Anyway, I need to have them ALL added not just a few, so the process would have to be either automated or not very time consuming due to the different part profiles.


Aron SW2007, SP2.2

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Aron (bacsdesign.com)
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If you are using 2007 go to the Solidworks content in the design library. There is a folder there for weldments that has all of the structural shapes you will need.

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