Adding Weldments profiles from toolbox in SolidWorks 2007 or 2008

I have a full video that shows exactly how to use all of the Toolbox profiles as weldments in SolidWorks 2007 or 2007. it is just a few simple mouse clicks!!

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One of the things I found most frustrating when I first started using weldments was the fact that I could not use all the profiles in the Tool box library. Then with the release of SolidWorks=AE 2007, they finally made this possible. However, in talking to many friends in the SolidWorks community, I have realized that even now, many users don't know how to make use of these new weldment profiles. The above video will guide you through the process of unleashing theses profiles. This technique can also be used to access all of the SolidWorks supplied routing profiles. I hope this video is a help.

I hope it is a help,

AL Whatmough


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