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I'm doing my first frame using the Weldments feature in 2004, pretty cool so far the way it fits the pieces together so easy. Now I want to add some plates with tapped holes, is there a "spiffy, new" way to do that or do I create and add them the same old way?


Oh, also is there a way to add to the available list of structural members, I'm using 3" X 2" X 3/16" and all that's available in the drop-down is 1/4" wall.

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under solidworks\data\lang\weldment profiles\ansi inch\ create a folder called plates (bar stock). then create a library feature representing your plate (bar stock). after adding plate as a structrual member add tapped holes.

under solidworks\data\lang\weldment profiles\ansi inch\angle iron, open the

3 x 2 x 0.25.sldlfp and save as 3 x 2 x 0.19.sldlfp. then edit sketch1 and change .25 to .1875, save.
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