Hole callout in 2005 has bugs???

I just istalled SW2005 on win xp sp2 ansd found some bugs. The hole callout do not use space in the right way. I can insert space but the variables after the space doesn't see the space and then doesn't move to the right. Second, I cannot delete a variale like the "near side".

On anoher side, I installed SW in fench and English and got some hole callout partially in french and partially in english.

Any others has seen this?


Montréal Canada

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Robin B
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I was told by my VAR that SW2005 wouldn't even run on WinXP SP2. How did you get yours to run?


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Richard Charney

I've been running on SP2 with no problems at all. Seems to run better than it did on SP1 with fewer crashes!

Other than that I'm finding callouts and tapped callouts pretty buggy and not working very good. I was hoping they would of done more in 2005 in this area. Metric tapped hole callouts don't even give thread pitch callouts! Kind of hard to beleive some of the bacic things that don't work. Was hoping that they would get mirrored part tapped hole callouts to work in

2005, but looks like we have to wait another year for that.


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This is a known bug and supposedly fixed in sp 1.


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Eric Zuercher

That's what they said when I reported it in one of the beta's. It was fixed. They definetly fixed it. If you want to change or remove one of the variables for now, RMB on the hole callout and choose the PROPERTIES, then choose MODIFY TEXT. Now you can change the variables. The spaces are still screwed up though

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