Hole callout problem and question

Hi all,
1. I have a hole feature on a sprocket hub for the two set screws. In
the drawing, I can't get the hole callout to call the threaded hole
properly. I only calls the radius. Is there a way?
2. Where can I find the translation for the callout variables. I have
a french installation, but I want my callouts to stay in english. I
have looked in the callout file, but it only provide the english
descriptions. So the software must look somewhere to know what are
different languages translations.
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Possible causes for #1
1- look in system options-data options-edit standards data , and make sure the hole is not disabled for the standard you are set to.
2-you did use the hole wizard to create the holes I assume?
3-look for additional features down the tree that may have altered the hole ( ie. an additional cut-extrude that intersected your holes) in some way.
4-there are some problems that are standards specific, try changing your document properties-detailing-dimensioning standard, long enough to get your hole callout in place
5-lastly, check your document properties-detailing-annotation display settings to make sure all relevant settings are checked
Good luck,
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I forgot to mention that I get that problem only on circular faces, in this case it is a sprocket hub. The same hole on a planar face gets its call no problem... I use the hole wizard to make the feature. I tried to way, first, selecting the circular face to place the holes (I thought that was the problem...), second, selecting a plane in the middle of the sprocket (didn't seem to change anything).
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