Hole callout configuration

I'm using hole callouts for the first time and would like to configure the text different to the default.

For example, on a through-hole, it displays "THRU ALL" where as I'd like it to say "THRO' ". The dimension property manager shows the variable as but where is its definition stored?

I have looked at the file "calloutformat.txt", but this seems to just show the sequence of variables for a given hole type, rather than the definitions of the variables themselves.

I'm on SW2004. TIA John Harland

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John H
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For this particular case, using the "up to next" option instead of through will result in a hole callout that reads "THRU" instead of "THRU ALL". I'm not aware of any other method to address this particular issues, except replacing the with what you actually want.

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Dale Dunn

Thanks Dale. It seems hard to believe there isn't some file that can be customised to change this behaviour - does no-one know if it can be done?

Cheers, John

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John H

I have never heard of a place/file that stores variable definitions in the way that you are talking about.

This subject has been discussed often times. Do a search for Hole Callout (and maybe calloutformat and/or Hole Wizard) and take a look at all that comes up.


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Tin Man

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