Wrong hostid on SERVER line for license file:

I am receiving the following error messages in the license log. Once this message is received all licenses are disabled. I can re-read the license and they will reactivate for approximately 15-30 minutes. The one thing I did notice is that suddenly the FLEX IDs do not match. Any suggestions?

14:26:28 (sldwks_d) Wrong hostid on SERVER line for license file: 14:26:28 (sldwks_d) C:\Program Files\SolidNetWork License Manager\licenses\sldwks_d.lic 14:26:28 (sldwks_d) SERVER line says FLEXID=6-xxxx184a, hostid is FLEXID=6-xxxx180a 14:26:28 (sldwks_d) Invalid hostid on SERVER line
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Once in a while, strange problems can happen when a dongle starts to go bad. Is your license tied to a dongle? In any event, the VAR should be helping for this kind of problem.

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