STEEL BOAT for sale on craigslist houston boats

STEEL BOAT for sale on craigslist houston boats.

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Thanks for all of the replies. I hate to sound like a commercial but due to the sheer volume of responses, I am going to try to make this email reply as a form letter.

Earlier, I had said that I can send pictures. Then, I couldn't find them. Now, my wife found a few that will give you a great idea of what is for sale. However, it has been one thing after another and I must hook up my scanner which takes an scsi card, in order to scan in the pictures. I will do that tomorrow and send them to all who inquired.

Meanwhile, let me give a bit more information about the boat:

  1. This is a steel-hulled boat.
  2. It has a very, very low-hours Detroit Diesel 3-53.
  3. It is of "trawler" design. If you have seen a Grand Banks, it is of that `` hull configuration.
  4. It is 40 feet loa and 12 foot beam and 5 foot draft.
  5. It has a Fiberglas wheelhouse above the mail salon that is accessed by stairs.
  6. There is teak parquet flooring in the companionway and forward berth.
  7. It has a stand-up shower and regular sink and an electrically operated toilet (head). 8. It has two either 12 or 16,000 BTU, marine air-conditioners and one is `` equipped with a heat-pump.
  8. There is a hot water heater for the galley and shower and sinks.
10 There is a radar bridge that has a 48-mile Furuno radar, two sets of air `` horns driven by a large, on-board air compressor. 11 There is a microwave oven. 12 An full-size refrigerator with freezer on top is in the galley/salon. 13 Two-way marine radio/s. 14 Two out-dated Lorans. Gps is cheap today and much better. 15 Two depth sounders/recorders.
  1. Public address and intercom and burglar alarm.
  2. Deep stainless steel galley sink.
  3. Electrically pressurized water system for shower, sinks and drinking water.
  4. Electrically operated day tank for the engine with sight window.
  5. Autopilot.
  6. Several manual/automatic electric bilge pumps.
  7. 3 8-D batteries at 220 amps each. Dead, need replacing.
  8. Engine is fresh-water-cooled with keel cooler.
  9. "Flopper Stopper" custom designed anti-roll system.
  10. Approximately 800 gallons of fuel for apprx. several thousand mile range.
  11. 2 inch stainless steel shaft with anti-vibration coupler or did I remove the coupler?
  12. Blaupunkt stereo.
  13. Quartz-halogen deck lights on individual dimmers.
  14. HUGE AND I MEAN BRIGHT spotlight, remote controlled in wheelhouse.
  15. Smaller spotlight, same thing.
  16. Either 200 or 500 gallon fresh/potable water tank.
  17. Electrolysis hull and zinc monitoring system.
  18. Huge automatic, batteries charging system.
  19. Split 220 v.a.c. dock power - port 120 v.a.c, starboard 120 v.a.c.
35 A great anchor windless for chain AND line.
  1. Shore power switch, i.e., on/off/generator.
  2. 200 or larger alternator.
  3. Spare alternator - switch activated.
  4. Large amount of anchor line and several huge anchors.
  5. Bow-rail mounted docking bumpers with canvas covers.
  6. Mahogany interior.
  7. Huge steering station in wheelhouse.
  8. Autopilot has remote control for steering on deck fore/aft.
  9. My wife and I have been in numerous 12 foot seas and while not comfortable, we were not concerned whatsoever and we are not totally stupid.
  10. The large ships will be able to hear these sets of air-horns.
  11. Battery mains switch, i.e., one, two, all.

Well, I know there is much more and I will be glad to answer questions. This boat is located in Galveston, Texas at the Marina Landing and Resort and her name is "St. Coralie". See "Cathy" in the office. DO NOT BOARD THIS VESSEL.

I wish that I could keep her but I am not getting younger PLUS SHE MUST BE SOLD THIS WEEK OR EARLY NEXT.

I am out of town but will have to return to dispose of the boat. The vessel needs a lot of tender, loving care. In other words, it will require a lot of work. On the other hand, one can wind up with a vessel that will take you anywhere very economically.


This vessel will either be sold this week or sold for scrap metal and parts. This is not savvy marketing but this is an emergency sale.

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Very nice boat, I am glad that you had an opportunity to enjoy something like this.

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Thanks, Iggy.

I appreciate your comment.

Well, it was a true experience that has benefited us greatly or should I make a pun and truthfully say that it has expanded our horizons beyond description.

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