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Every time I start a new design table in SW2006 SP2.0 part file, I have trouble exiting the excel table for returning to SW interface, for the simple problem that the green V (check mark) button is missing. does anybody else encountered this issue? is this issue resolved in SP3.0? the reason I ask is that I've heard of some major other problems in SP3.0 which are not in SP2.0, and therefore I decided not to upgrade.

Thanks, Gil

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If you are editing the Excel design table within the SW window, simply click outside the Excel window, but within the SW graphics window. It will automagicly close the DT.

If you are editing the Excel design table within it's own Excel window, simply close Excel.

I know this is the way it used to work anyway. I have not had a chance to check the first method in SP 3.1 (never use it). Let us know if this doesn't work.

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Seth Renigar

Thanks Seth, it works! I don't know how I didn't thought of it myself, especially when now I recall it was so also in previous SP's and releases!

BTW, do you know how to move the excel sheet in the solidworks viewport in case it covers some on the model or some of the model dimensions? I ask this because when you in the excel mode the view toolbar and tools fade away and you can't change the view of the model! the only solution I found was to shrink the excel window, but would prefer to move it to an other spot on the SW viewport.

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Don't know! I never edit the design table within the SW window. It's just too difficult, for reasons like you are pointing out.

May I highly suggest that you do your editing in a separate Excel window. This way you get the use of your full SW graphic window. To do this with a new DT:

  1. First you have to insert a DT. Do this using any method you currently use. I don't know of a way to prevent it from initially popping-up within the SW window. I wish there was a choice off-the-bat. But there is not.
  2. Instead of starting to fill out the DT data, exit the DT immediately. No configs will be created. But, it will put the DT (with no data) in the feature tree, like you are used to seeing.
  3. Now, RMB on the DT and select "Edit table in new window". This will pop-up a completely separate Excel program window. You can alt-tab back and forth between SW and Excel just like it is a separate program running (but it is actually linked to the SW program).
  4. I don't know if inserting dimensions/sketch/features/etc. into the DT is the same as doing it within the SW window or not. But to do this, make sure that the correct cell is highlighted in the DT. Alt-tab back to SW and double click on the dim./sketch/feat./etc. of your choice. When you alt-tab back to Excel, it will be inserted for you.

Hope this helps!

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