Missing Design Tables?


Has anyone out there had design tables disappear in 2004 sp 1.0?

A Little Background.....

Our company uses design tables for entering configuration-specific metadata (custom props) because it's easier to do this in Excel than using the Properties interface. This isn't the same type of information you would usually enter here -- it's things like Part#, Desc, Designed By, Mfr, Date, things like that. Very tedious, but still easier. I believe the decision to use design tables in this manner all came about as a result of using SmarTeam for PDM, but that occurred before my time. As a result, ALL of our parts and assys have Design Tables -- even if there's only one configuration.

We're using SmarTeam V5R10.

So here's the deal:

A few weeks ago we installed 2004 sp1. As life continued and 2003 files were opened and converted to version 2004, a very random smattering of Design Tables go missing from some of the files. As of yet, we haven't been able to reproduce it, though it has happened to people every day.

Solution thus far has been to recreate the Design Table, which although possible, is even more tedious than creating it the first time.

Has ANYONE experienced this? Do you use SmarTeam? Can you reproduce it?

Any help would be appreciated. We can't really report the problem effectively when we can't reproduce it!!



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