Making a spring

Is there a way to make a spring so that I can show it compressed and full lentgh?

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Nathan Feculak
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Jacob Filek

Two configs.

1) define a helix to sweep along: define by "height and revolution" 2) add a circle at end of helix to become the sweep profile 3) sweep your spring (default config - rename to "uncompressed" if you'd like) 4) add a second configuration (call it "compressed") 5) expand the Base-Sweep and double click on the helix feature. Locate the "height" dimension in the graphics view and double click it. Change the height to the compressed length you want and associate it to the "compressed" config.

When you switch between the configs, the spring will expand or compress accordingly.

Hope this helps...

- Eddy

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Eddy Hicks

I start springs with a 3D sketch for the axis length and a 2D sketch for the helix diameter. I link the helix pitch and length to the length dimension in the 3D "length" sketch.

I have a model of a torsion spring that does this, sorta. It changes pitch an rotation with constant length. Still, length changes are a single parameter change.

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Yes. See

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for some design hints, and a simple macro that builds configurations for a varying dimension. I plan to combine it with
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make springs "follow" assembly conditions without taking too much time in rebuilds. Sponsors ?

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