Spring - buy or make?

I need to make or buy a spiral spring for a window regulator of an old
car. The regulator was made by Bright of Coventry, so it's not the
usual Wilmot Breeden type.
The spring, which is shown at
formatting link

is made from 3/8" wide by 3/32 thick steel, has hooks at each end, an
o/d of around 2 1/4", and has just under four turns. The relative
position of the ends isn't critical, as there's a choice of slots to
locate the inner end.
Should I try to find a spring maker who'll make small quantities (I
don't mind buying one or two spares), in which case any suggestions
Or should I buy the material and make one? I'm familiar enough with
annealing ends etc and handling clock springs, but for a spring of this
thickness, would you buy hardened and tempered material or heat treat it
after forming? Again, any materials supplier suggestions would be
I'm between Derby and Nottingham (the best folk are).
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Kevin Poole
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I'm sure these would be made in the annealed state and then heat treated. I've used Springmasters, Lee Spring and Ashfield in the past for custom springs although only compression coil springs in small quantities but I'm sure they could help you or point you in the right direction.
Worth a phone call or email with your photo attached - (erm of the spring naturally!)
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Bob Minchin
Thanks for the suggestions and advice, Bob. Springmasters declined to quote, and Ashfield said they couldn't make this type, but suggested Lancashire Spring, who quoted £125 plus the usuals for a one-off.
So I raided the scrap Rover 218 in the garden and recovered a spring from it, which I stretched, bent, and attacked it with a Dremel until it fit. The job's a good 'un - perhaps. I've had to get new glass cut and toughened, too, and it's a bit lighter than the original, so all the errors may cancel.
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Kevin Poole
Much more satisfying than just throwing money at it!
Thanks for letting me know
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Bob Minchin

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