help with parts using design tables please

I've created a part with a design table, and when I look at the
various configurations, the small part changes sizes as expected.
However, when I try to use the part, I don't seem to be able to select
what configuration I want, as I thought I would be able to.
I would like to insert the part into an assembly, and choose the
configuration required, and often use more than one configuration of
that part in the assembly.
I've looked at the manual and tutorials, and they both tell me how to
make the part but not how to use it!
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Are you attempting to change the configuration of a part in an assy? As I read your post, I'm not sure this is the case. Take a look at the Help at design tables, configuration parameters - it shows you valid parameters.
If this still doesn't help, come back and explain it a bit differently, or send me the file & I will take a look.
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Wayne Tiffany
right mousebutton on the part>>properties choose named config example
formatting link
I hope this help's
me schrieb:
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Thanks for replying.
The reply from Steffan-T is exactly what I was looking for. I'm sure I tried right clicking before posting, amongst other things. Dunno why I couldn't find that....
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Yes that helps a lot! Exactly what I wanted. Dunno why I couldn't find that myself... Many thanks
OT: for your info Steffen-t, on your website, the page "schalter.*" needs a small correction:
as the mouseover ALT text is "Kontakt"
Hope that helps :-)
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