Cast iron hatch pattern

As an AutoCAD project, I have to draw a crankshaft. So far so good, but
I can't locate a hatch pattern for the counterweights. I can find
umpteen hatch patterns for various types of metals, but these are all
for sections. I'm looking for a pattern that resembles the exterior
(surface) of cast iron.
Feeding this (or any combination) into a search engine leads to 2,300
dead ends; every time, I'm finding section hatch. Any hints, even?
I'd appreciate it.
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Robert Barr
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Are you looking for a hatch pattern (for 2D section) or a 'material' for a 3D version?
If for 2D, perhaps the AR-conc pattern, at small scale, would be good enough.
if for 3D rendering, there are a number of metal 'materials' in the materials library that might do what you want.
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B. W. Salt.
What I'd like to do is apply a material (Granite Pebbles looks fine) to a 2-D drawing, to show the counterweights the way they might look in a B/W photo.
It's probably a lot more complicated than it sounds... or maybe not. I haven't even touched the topic of 'Rendering'. Trying to use AutoCAD's Help functions for this is like some sequential scavenger hunt for information.
B. W. Salt. wrote:
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Robert Barr
As far as I can see, you can apply a material only to a surface of a 3D object.
Hatch patterns consist of a series of straight lines, cleverly arranged to simulate all sorts of wonderful things, but they are not like materials!
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B. W. Salt.
This is not something acad does very well. Try the dots hatch pattern. You can use it several times with different boundaries, and different colors to get better than "plain hatch".
Anybody miss that repetitive light banging noise you used to hear in a drafting room when someone was stippling something before computers? How about the hollow clang of a drafting brush hitting a Luxo?
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Michael Bulatovich
"B. W. Salt." skrev i en meddelelse news:
But you could plot a hatch pattern into a bitmap, wrap _that around a wierd thing and say you are a fancy designer. P.C.
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