Cast Iron Andiron Repair

I bought an old andiron. Goes in front of a fireplace as somewhat of a
screen. Made of cast iron. Breaks are clean. I would like to weld this
back together, but strictly for decorative. It will see no heat. I will
bead blast it, or just wire wheel it.
When I did ornamental metal, I welded on thousands of those cast iron picket
points with E 70S-3 and 6 wire with CO2. Right now, I have 75/25 mix. The
metal is only about 1/4" thick, so not sure if I do groove it if there will
be enough meat there to not burn it up.
I am thinking of just cleaning it, and welding it with MIG, and calling it
good. I know it's not the proper repair for cast iron, but for decorations,
it should be good to go? No? Is there nickel MIG wire I can get in one
pound spools? Preheat?
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Steve B
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You dont have TIG?
I think should simply braze it with O/A and then paint it.
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Gunner Asch
No TIG (I don't have a clue why not), but do have OA. Think I might have to make a trip to the welding store for some new o rings, tho. Standard brazing rod? Get a can of flux, too?
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Steve B
If you have OA then what about actual CI welding rods if you can find them, not the nickel based rods, IIRC a flux is required. Should give a much better colour match than brazing.
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David Billington
You can buy a few sticks of brass rod with the flux already on the rod. For occasional use, it has worked well for me.
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