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Strange one this!
One day fine, shut down system, started up system the next day and
Solidworks, was really slow to start up.
It works ok, but I wanted to find out why Solidworks was slow to start up.
So I stopped each service in turn and found that if I stop the print
spooler, (spoolsv.exe), Solidworks starts quickly again. Starting the print
spooler service, results in Solidworks starting up slowly again.
I have repeated this many times, to prove it, has anyone any ideas why, this
service should affect Solidworks start-up?
There are no physical printers attached to my pc, the printers that I use,
are attached to another workstation.
Both are using XP Pro Sp2.
Could it be the security settings on the PC used as the print server?
Both of the printers are shared and I can print from both printers.
HP450c and HP1220c.
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Is the default printer turned on and available? Any time the default printer is not available it causes a long startup time in my experience.
pete wrote:
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Thank you for the reply, but even removing every printer results in the same slowness. I will keep looking, lol
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