I'm a technical translator and I'm working with a colleague to translate some CAD drawings into German. Our client has EPLAN

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and they exported the drawings into DVX format for us to work with using AutoCAD (I have both AutoCAD LT 2000 and AutoCAD LT


The first sign that something was strange, was that the phrase mm² in the drawing (should be mm with a superscript 2, meaning "square millimeters") was displayed in AutoCAD as "mmý" (mm, followed by y with an acute accent ´).

In addition, AutoCAD reported that the Standard text style used a font called Monotxt8.shx, which did not appear on my computer. We asked the client for it, and they had no idea what we were talking about.

Personally, I think that the EPLAN export routine must have inserted the reference to Monotxt8.shx. Does anyone have another idea?

I converted the mmý to mm2 (no subscript) and we started the translations. When we sent the first few DXF files back to the customer, they noticed another problem problem. The German characters with Umlauts (for example, ä) are displayed as other non-German characters (such as Greek epsilon)

The client says that they have another employee with more experience with EPLAN should be able to take a look at this and find a solution, in order to display the German characters properly. However, until that happens, I'm trying to learn as much as I can.

We contacted the EPLAN office in the USA and they suggested that we export the DXF file from AutoCAD while specifying a Unicode font. I can't tell which fonts in AutoCAD LT 2000 or 2005 are Unicode. Can someone tell me whether this advice makes sense?

If they can figure out how to generate the German letters in EPLAN, one solution might be for my colleague to go to their office and insert the German characters in the EPLAN drawings. But that will take a long time.

What makes more sense would be for the client to find a way to import our DXF files without further modification.

Does anyone have any experience importing DXF files and/or working with fonts in EPLAN?

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