material database (.sldmat) and unicode

not entirely familiar with unicode. i've created a new material database (.sldmat). every time i edit this file and save (thru solidwoks), i get square characters/symbols added to the end of each line. i know about the characters/symbols because i use notepad (using arial unicode ms font) to make manual tweeks. does anyone know what causes these characters/symbols to keep adding themselves?

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kenneth b
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Mike Wilson

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Mike J. Wilson

ooops, forgot to google. thx

my conclusion, this behavior is a flaw.

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kenneth b

English characters can be represented by one byte (there are 256 different characters in our charset)

Some languages have more characters than that, and a second byte is needed(for up to 65536 different characters)

For compatability with all languages, UniCode assumes 2 bytes are needed, and, when not needed, the second byte is filled in as an ascii zero.

Depending on your font, this character can be displayed different ways; but if you use "Terminal" font (Like one would use for DOS), the character is actuallly invisible.

And while, if you use DOS Edit, you can generate most of these characters by holding down the ALT key, typing in a number, and releasing the ALT key(try Alt-178, for instance, for a Dos "Shading" character), the Ascii zero (or NULL) cannot be.

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