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Dear all,
Does anyone know about somme MSDS database, except those of CAS company ? In
fact, I need some free database to search chemicals, and every query on
search engines lead me to expensive databases, which my company can't
Thank you in advance.
Nicolas DELFAU
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Rolf Wissmann
Fisher and Sigma-Aldrich have very good dB's but can be a pain to access. I usually just Google the chemical name and MSDS. I encourage commercial organizations to put their MSDS's on line and many do, so if you know who makes the chemical you can often find the MSDS on line. If not, email the manufacturer and you can usually get an electronic copy. Frank
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Frank Logullo
Merck, normaly in three languages, german english and french, according to US law and the Laws in the EU...
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Michael Erwerle

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